PCB DesignPCB Design

Pro-Tech offers extensive experience in Printed Circuit Design using PADS-POWER PCB for Printed Circuit Board layout. Our designs are optimized for manufacturing resulting in lower costs and enhanced function. Our design methods provide you with very fast results without compromising quality.We also offer Knife Sharpener Reviews

• PADS Power PCB board layout design
• High-end BGA multilayer board designs
• Optimal design for manufacturing saves time and money


Parts Procurement and Warehousing

dryzone e40c-1490-6

Our just-in-time philosophy allows us to order and receive raw materials and thus limiting inventory liability and, simultaneously ensure availability of components which is critical in meeting delivery and business requirements. Working with a global network of suppliers,
Pro-Tech provides cost-effective procurement solutions and timely delivery of material.

• Parts sourcing and BOM life cycle management
• Inventory control and purchase scheduling
• ESD safe storage environment
• Dry cabinet operating at 40 °C and <=5% RH designed for moisture sensitive devices





Board Assemblyassembleon

Pro-Tech is pleased to offer quality contract manufacturing to our customers including surface mount assembly, through-hole assembly and hand finish work.

• Automated Surface Mount Assembly
• Mixed Technology Assembly
• Turnkey and Kitted Assembly
• Prototype and Production Specialist
• BGA, Fine Pitch and 0201 Components
• Lead-Free (RoHS) Assembly
• No-clean Solder & DI Water-Wash Processsmt_inside1
• Depanelization System
• IPC-A-610 Quality Standard

Manufacturing Equipment List:

• ASSEMBLEON Topaz-X II Placement System
• CONCEPTRONIC HVA 70 SE Convection Reflow Oven
• MPM Ultraprint 2020 Screen Printer
• APS SPR-20 Screen Printer
• TECHNICAL DEVICES NU/ERA Wave Soldering System
• EFD 1000XL Automatic Timed Pulse Dispenser
• SCHLEUNIGER CBP-920-1000 Cutbend MachineSchleuniger_EcoStrip_9300
• LAKEWOOD LD390 Loose Radial Trimming Machine
• EDSYN 1036 Atmoscope SMD Workstation
• CAB TECHNOLOGY Maestro 3E PCB Separator Machine
• AmScope Trinocular Microscope
• CYCLOPS Digital Microscope
• DRYZONE E40C-1490-6 Baking 40 °C Dry Cabinet


Custom Cable Assemblycable2

Pro-Tech can handle all combinations of discrete, multi-conductor, and flat ribbon cable requirements for virtually any custom application. All manufacturing is performed in our own assembly facility so we can guarantee that all cables pass through our rigorous testing.
• SCHLEUNIGER UC3750 Automatic Cutting Machine
• SCHLEUNIGER US2500 Universal Stripping Machine
• SCHLEUNIGER EcoStrip 9300 Cut and Strip Machine


Production Testing

testfixture2We offer full production testing, calibration and quality control services to your specifications.  We can help you design custom bed-of-nails test fixtures to accelerate testing and production.
• Custom bed-of-nails test fixtures
• Testing and calibration done per your specifications
• Quality control testing




Packaging and Shippingskid

We offer full product packaging, warehousing and shipping services from our state-of-the-art facility located in Concord, Ontario, Canada.
• Custom packaging options (ESD packaging)
• Inventory management
• Warehousing
• Scheduled shipping services from our warehouse